BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainadd DummyResolverLinus Nordberg9 days
rgdd/sketchdrafty types refactor with simple ascii packageRasmus Dahlberg2 months
v0.0.9commit 722e48feb2...Linus Nordberg9 days
v0.0.8commit 6ff11f08eb...Rasmus Dahlberg6 weeks
v0.0.7commit f3e4180817...Linus Nordberg2 months
v0.0.6commit c78997411f...Linus Nordberg2 months
v0.0.5commit a83fd9ed87...Linus Nordberg2 months
v0.0.4commit 4fc0ff2ec2...Rasmus Dahlberg3 months
v0.0.3commit 999cf63440...Rasmus Dahlberg3 months
v0.0.2commit 94a690b5e9...Rasmus Dahlberg6 months
v0.0.1commit 3245f04336...Rasmus Dahlberg6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
9 daysadd DummyResolverHEADv0.0.9mainLinus Nordberg1-0/+11
9 daysadd start of a client packageLinus Nordberg2-0/+227
9 daysadd unsigned tree head endpointLinus Nordberg2-0/+10
9 daysadd proof verification to sigsum-debugRasmus Dahlberg5-6/+58
9 daysgo fmtRasmus Dahlberg6-29/+29
9 daysuse hashing from merkle packageRasmus Dahlberg15-75/+75
9 daysmove mock signer to internal/Rasmus Dahlberg4-19/+29
9 daysadd proof verification algorithms from RFC 9162Rasmus Dahlberg1-0/+200
13 daysStore only the seed of the private keyGrégoire Détrez2-3/+3
2022-05-21Merge branch 'merge/endpoint_rename_cleanup' into mainv0.0.8Rasmus Dahlberg1-1/+1